Robert Fullington

Robert Fullington bioRobert Fullington served in the US Army before returning to civilian life in the paint trade. Through a dramatic awakening process beginning at age 28 he came to understand that he is an ET-human hybrid. This process accelerated through ongoing interactions with Mantis beings called Kekoresh.

During that time, he went through an extreme physical change as well as radical spiritual, philosophical and creative development. He began to receive designs for 2D and 3D images and objects he terms ’consciousness-amplifying technologies’, the purpose of which is to help people accelerate their personal growth. Robert feels that the physical changes he underwent allowed him to work with advanced visualization, and receive these downloaded designs. He is in the process of setting up a workshop to begin producing the 3D technologies.

In 2015 he shared his experiences with Miguel Mendonça and Barbara Lamb in the book Meet the Hybrids. In 2016 he joined Barbara and five of the hybrids from the book on stage at the International UFO Congress to share some of his experiences and perspectives.