Christine ‘Kesara’ Dennett was the first name suggested by Barbara when we began to discuss the cover art for Meet the Hybrids. She works with clients bringing through and representing their connections.

In her library of images I discovered Hesh Sha, and could not take my eyes off it. It seemed to embody the feeling of the book, especially the connection between bodies physical and heavenly, and the energetic nature of being.

Meet The Hybrids_front cover    hesh-shaw_3_orig

This is an image of Juju’s people, the Fajans. It was commissioned by Juju and is used in Being with the Beings.

There is a strong feeling of benevolency from them, reflecting the descriptions Juju gives in her interviews across the three books.



Kesara describes her process on her website.

It began with a breath and then a quiet mind. The warm sun came through the window and the breeze gently started to speak. A being of sparkling lights came through as a vision, sweetly sending love and comfort. There was a oneness and connection to this being that told of a higher existence and divine pathways through a human life. It was a voice familiar in the depths of an immortal soul. A voice that spoke Divine language.

This is my higher self as she came through to me. As the years went by I saw more beings of light that were connected to me, to others in my family and those I worked for. One day a sweet acquaintance called me out of the blue and said she went on a vision quest. In that quest a light being came to her and told her to tell me they are watching me. This was a pivotal point in my life. At the time I was illustrating a project about light beings ufo contactees had seen. The verification of being watched and guided confirmed to me that I was not imagining these visions of meditation.

After two years past I received a request from what is now know as my “Starseed Brother” to meditate upon his photograph and illustrate the visions that I received. I first saw a matrix of energy so powerful and strong, it began to form into many images. I experienced in high speed accounts and life-times , passing through a landscape of his light path in the Universe. He was connected to more than Earth, he was also a part of other planets, other forms of existence. There were multi-dimensions and levels of him I could barely perceive. The first of a series of illustrations became a trigger for him. He loved the illustrations I did and started to share with his friends and colleagues. The winds of communication traveled through and many other people began to contact me. I now meditate on photographs and illustrate what I receive from the photo almost daily.

Many people ask me what the image represents and how it relates to their photo and the meditation visions I see from the photo. Each individual Photograph is different, and the meditation is always unique and amazing. I see visions of higher selves, guides, masters, extraterrestrials, angels, it is endless. We are all special and divine regardless of the human experiences and choices we have made.

The illustrations can sometimes act as a trigger. It is an unique experience for all who participate.

Thank you
Love and light always be with you

Christine shares the creation of the Hesh Sha image as follows:

Thursday, March 5, 2015
California Time


Clearing, clarity, comfort, I am clearing all energy and reaching a core of understanding with the relationship with this beautiful human and the High Divine Soul Source.

I hear voices, many voices, like I am in a room, a ballroom. The voices become silent and stop to look at the player on stage.

It is a performance of light manipulation for all of the beings within the room to see.
You are the one that is showing others how to move around energy.

The purpose to this demonstration is to show that energy can gather and flow in and out. You are balling them up and releasing them into space. I can see inside the balls, and they are individual source codes for creation. Like an orb that comes about in rooms, this is similar.

Your Soul Source is presenting itself to me now.

I find that everything is a presentation; this is very interesting and says something about your Soul abilities.

The energy of teaching and sharing knowledge, a master of code creating.

The codes are all written in everything that exists, from a grain of sand to the most complex form of life you can imagine. You have the ability to understand others because of this insight of writing code.

It is not like a computer but more like the performance you gave to the other spirits that are ready to change from one form to another. You are showing them the code they can integrate with. That is why you are in the center.

I sense you want information on your Star association with Soul Realm. I see a community of higher evolved beings that are in contact with you. They are also involved in similar practices as you are on the higher realities of creation.

It is not very physical but more electrical, etheric in nature.

I also have seen many lifetimes, druid association in the past and magic. I feel a strong sense that you are a very old Soul who has come to live many lives to know what results come from the different codes that are written.

I am seeing a landscape not of this Earth. It is from above. Like the beings that inhabit this planet are not on the ground but are always above it.

All is fading now.
I am leaving.

I hear “HeshSha”, it is a whispering sound blended together in a hiss, like an astral wind that blows past our inner senses to tell us that they are there.