Vashta Narada

Vashta Narada is an intuitive artist who works with clients on bringing through representations of the beings they are connected with. She uses 3D software to mould the beings, almost like clay, and her method is described in detail in Being with the Beings. Her methods and perspectives on contact are unique, and absolutely fascinating.

Her website is:

Even though I knew how busy Vashta is with commissions, and her work with Cosmic Disclosure, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to work with her on the cover. I found her interviews so compelling that I wanted to see how she represents contact. We went back and forth on some possibilities – including one of my encounters – but then I saw this image and it was Right.

This depicts one of Vashta’s personal encounters, and gives a sense of equal exchange of knowledge between humans and non-humans. This is one of the main messages of the book.

This is Isolde, one of Vashta’s counterparts. She sounds like a lot of fun! She is described as having a trickster-type personality, but not in a malicious way. Funnily enough, at the time of this writing Vashta has received the world’s only copy of the book that is printed back to front. Both of us thought of Isolde immediately! Vashta spoke with her in this channeling session with Rob Gauthier.

Naan is another of Vashta’s counterparts, in this case Arcturian. Naan is from the collective she has communicated with since her childhood. Everyone I know who has seen this gets a feeling of great wisdom and kindness.

TReb Bor Yit-NE is one of Rob Gauthier’s main connections, along with Aridif. He describes the work with both beings in great detail in his chapter in Being with the Beings. He talks about their first meeting, and how they built trust over two years before moving into the development of his channeling.



Through Rob I was able to interview Aridif in Being with the Beings.

It was a deep discussion, going into the structure of reality, the mechanisms of channeling, the nature of the soul, and the things that are of most importance to him.

And of course, we heard his message to humanity, which was among the main purposes of the interview, and centered on creating our own reality. It was a profound conversation.