Ashley Ruiz

Ashley Ruiz is a gifted art student at the Academy of Art University, majoring in Illustration. I was introduced to her work through Vanessa Lamorte Hartshorn, who used some of Ashley’s images for her presentation at the 2015 IUFOC with Barbara lamb. I was enchanted by the images, and wanted to find a way to share her work more widely. I was lucky enough to be able to use her art on both the cover and to illustrate one of the chapters.

Her website is:

This is one of Vanessa’s Sirian selves.






George is Vanessa’s guide from the Lyran-Sirian Council.






Hafeka is Vanessa’s Camelopardian guide and cousin.






I saw this image when ‘randomly’ looking through Ashley’s website. I immediately saw it as the backdrop to the cover of Being with the Beings, and was delighted that Ashley gave me permission to use it.