Darlene Van de Grift

Darlene and I met through a discussion group and I felt an immediate affinity with her. I felt strongly that I wanted to hear her story of contact, and find a way to work with her. Being with the Beings offered a perfect opportunity to do both, and I am eternally grateful that she agreed.

Her website is soulunion.com

These are the images selected for her chapter. All of them are contacts of hers through her work with the beings. They come from a larger painting she felt called to create, which features many of the beings she has connected with.

Eli Wizar is a Reptilian renegade who supports the advancement of Humanity. Member of the Galactic Federation.





Saari is a Behavioral Analyst. She experimented with human emotions and through that found her capacity to love. She is now part of the core group facilitating work with timelines.





The Blue Crystal being has connected with Darlene more recently. Their relationship, and some of their encounters, are described in detail in Darlene’s chapter.