CristiAnne Quiros

cristianne-qDr CristiAnne Quiros, PhD was born and raised in Southern California. After graduating high school in 1969 with honors and being awarded a full-ride scholarship to a university of her choice, her desire for travel and adventure instead led her to live in Alaska and Canada, then travel with a friend all over Canada, the United States and Mexico. CristiAnne lived in Mexico City for three years, where she completed her first year of psychology at Universidad Anahuac, a sister school of Notre Dame. She married a local man and they moved to California to make their home and have five children. While working at various counseling offices and raising her family, CristiAnne earned her BA and MSc degrees in psychology from the California State University in San Bernardino.

In 1986, CristiAnne had a past-life experience that ‘graduated’ her into the vastness of the metaphysical realm. In 1990 she began her PhD program in clinical psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute near Santa Barbara, California. In 1995, she was ‘contacted’ by Light Beings requesting that she do her dissertation on “Alien-Human Hybrids Living Here on Earth.” She completed this work as suggested and received her doctorate in 1999.