Lyssa Royal Holt

Lyssa Royal Holt has been a seminar leader, channel, and author since 1985. She is the co-director, with her husband Ronald Holt, of Seed of Life Institute LLC and the SOLi School, an organization whose primary purpose is to assist individuals to understand the nature of consciousness and to put this understanding into practice in daily life – providing a road map to the process of realizing the true Awareness beyond the human identity.

Lyssa is most known for her in-depth explorations of the nature of extraterrestrial consciousness and how it impacts human evolution. Her books The Prism of Lyra, Visitors from Within, Preparing for Contact, and Millennium are classics in the field of channeled literature. Her newly-released Galactic Heritage Cards are a one-of-a-kind set of 108 inspirational cards based on the cosmology she introduces in her classic book The Prism of Lyra. She also has an extensive library of audio material based on her work since the late 1980s.

She has been interviewed on TV and radio around the globe (including most recently by the Discovery Channel, and Shirley MacLaine’s radio show), and has appeared in countless magazine articles over more than two decades.

Lyssa works extensively in Japan and has done so since 1990. She also offers courses in North America and Europe as time allows. Sometimes she offers private consultations as well. She also works from time to time with her husband Ronald Holt, combining her intuitive and channeling work with his expertise in the fields of sacred geometry, meditation, yoga, martial arts and more.

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