Jacquelin Smith

Jacquelin Smith is a board certified hypnosis practitioner and a lifelong experiencer. She is an interdimensional traveler, psychic, and globally-known animal communicator. She has been communicating with star beings and animals since early childhood.

Jacquelin offers private consultations for those who want to learn about their Star Origin, and How to Communicate with Star Beings. Jacquelin also offers light language activations that clear, balance, and align someone with their true self and purpose.

She is the author of Animal Communication – Our Sacred Connection (2005) and Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals (2010). In 2015 she shared her story in Meet the Hybrids. Jacquelin also works with people who want to process their personal experiences with Star Beings.

She runs the Star Being & Contact Group of Columbus, a spiritually-based group promoting a loving, supportive environment for experiencers. If you are interested in attending this group, you can contact Jacquelin through her website.

Her website is: jacquelinsmith.com