New album out now: Into Galactic

My new concept album Into Galactic has just been released. It is a story about my life beyond this world. I think with a lot of art is is better to leave the details to the imaginations of the audience, but the titles will give a strong sense of direction.

It has been a truly healing process, and allowed me to get where I want to be on a daily basis, both artistically and in my consciousness. It has been inspired by my lifetime of feeling like a visitor here, and has given me the sense of liberation and agency that we all need. 

You can hear it in full now on bandcamp, and it will hit all streaming services by the end of March. 

We Are the Disclosure out now on audiobook

We Are the Disclosure is the follow-up to Meet the Hybrids, and goes deeper and wider on the topic of ETs, UFOs and hybrids, and seeks the big picture of what all of this adds up to in terms of purpose and significance. Disclosure features interviews with many of the most important figures in the field for the last 60 years, including Barbara Lamb, Mary Rodwell and Dr. Leo Sprinkle, and some of those we have sadly lost, including Stanton Friedman, Jim Marrs, Clifford Stone and Rosemary Ellen Guiley. The audiobook is beautifully produced by the multitalented Gabrielle Puyat, AKA Gnoia, the producer of the Make/Manifest. 

Being with the Beings and Make/Manifest – out now in audiobook

As of this week, two more of my books have been published as audiobooks: Being with the Beings – The How and the Why of ET Contact, and Make/Manifest – A Life in Art and Craft.

Being with the Beings is produced by Sean McElhiney, a California-based producer with over 25 years experience in radio broadcasting as a news announcer, talk show host, and jock. He currently hosts the interview podcast Writing Itself.

He has a warm and relaxing voice, which is perfect for such a complex and challenging subject. He brings the interviews to life wonderfully and I knew immediately that he was the right person for this project. I am very grateful to him for bringing his professionalism and talent to this work. It is so enjoyable to sit back and listen to the stories unfold.

Make/Manifest is produced by Gabrielle Puyat, AKA Gnoia, a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. She was another huge get for my audiobook projects. As an artist herself, she is tuned into the material and brings enthusiasm and insight to her read. And as a singer her voice is fabulously alive as she brings the interviews to listeners.

I recommend her music to anyone who likes their music both chill and deep.