Krista Raisa

Krista Raisa is a millennial psychic medium, author and artist. Having lived and studied in New York City, Finland and Sedona, Arizona, she began to trance channel the Orion Council at a parking lot in New Jersey. They are a benevolent group of amphibious humanoids and more, based in Betelgeuse, who work for the Galactic Federation and the Ascension of Earth.

Since 2011 she has dedicated herself to helping multicultural starseeds worldwide via the internet. She has authored three books on these topics. Orion Council, Here (2014), Galactic Symbols from the 9th Dimension (2014), and Starseed Survival (2016). Her website has links to all her sessions, books, music and handmade goods.

Her YouTube channel is: StayCurly

Her website is: