Darlene Van de Grift

Darlene Van de Grift is an internationally respected Medical Intuitive whose skills, talents, gifts and strengths attract clients from all walks of life. Her skill, refined by over 30 years of dedication, is accessing and understanding what clients think they want for themselves versus what their bodies truly need, crave and are ready to release. Our bodies have their own innate wisdom that our lifestyles often compromise.

Darlene, founder of A Way to Better Health Massage School, taught her students anatomy, physiology and massage. That credentialed curriculum expanded to include: Kinesiology, Touch for Health, One Brain, Nutrition, Relationship Counseling, Matrix Energetics and Inner Child work. She also taught Intension Muscle Balancing, a unique interactive healing modality created by her mother Charlotte. It uses isometric movements designed to alleviate pain and retrain injured muscles to regain proper function.

Darlene’s talent is how warmly she welcomes every issue, challenge and opportunity that clients bring to their session. One of her key strengths is comfortably creating safety and respect for their journey. Her talent for weaving clarity into the fibers of their past, present and future lives provides a rich tapestry to help clients embrace a deeper understanding and appreciation of their experience of life. Darlene’s unique gift is collaborating and sharing the wisdom she gathers from her Guides, Ancestors, Akashic Records, other dimensions, timelines and galactic life forms. She consistently directs this data and information toward healing and opening new portals for herself, clients, family and friends.

Darlene is a devoted mother, grandmother and loving partner. Her greatest pleasure is creating pathways and being part of our journey back to realizing our truly remarkable selves.

Her website is: soulunion.com