Jujuolui Kuita

Juju Kuit bioJujuolui (Juju) Kuita served in the US Army, where she received the rank of Specialist/E4 before being discharged after the Gulf War. She then worked as a security guard and a delivery driver while studying for an associate degree. At the turn of the millennium Juju was engaged in a more fulfilling career as a Deputy Sheriff. Within this role she became an instructor for both impact weapons and taser use.

While on duty one day, Juju rescued a horse, and this event changed her path in life. She began seeking a career in animal care fields. When Hurricane Katrina hit the southern states, Juju knew her path was set on animal care. She adopted a dog to help with the efforts, began taking courses in disaster response and set her sights on being more ‘of service’.

During this period, Juju became a UFO investigator and then a Section Director with MUFON to get in touch with her other identity. She established a meet-up group in California to try to help those wanting to explore ET contact experiences. In 2010 Juju published her first book entitled We Are Among You Already, in hopes of helping others awaken to their potential ET identity. Later, Juju founded an LLC named Star Being & Spiritual Center, where she created a retreat for those wanting to have ET contact and learn more about these subjects. She created a few courses on various ET subjects and submitted one to the University of Metaphysics.

In 2013 Juju found her dream career as an Emergency Animal Medical Technician. Every day she uses her skills as a Reiki practitioner to help the animals she rescues. It is most satisfying for her, utilizing both the professional and metaphysical skills she has developed on her journey.

In 2015 she shared her hybrid identity with Miguel Mendonça and Barbara Lamb for the book Meet the Hybrids, and also in We Are the Disclosure. She has appeared on documentaries and been interviewed many times on her hybrid nature.

Katrina is discussed in Juju’s chapters in Disclosure, and at length in Being with the Beings. She came to understand that Katrina is a Fajan, who took on the form of a dog during an Earth incarnation in order to support Juju’s development.