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Miguel Mendonça is an Anglo-Azorean author based in Bristol, England. After studying and working in forestry and horticulture, he gained an honors degree in geography and history then studied social science and environmental ethics at postgraduate level.

Miguel worked in the sustainability field for six years, specializing in renewable energy policy. While serving as Research Manager for an international NGO he lectured widely and wrote textbooks, articles and papers, providing an evidence base for campaigners from NGOs, politics, finance, industry and civil society around the world to push for new or better renewable energy laws.

After publishing a collection of short fiction in 2011 he began to research the ET field in depth. In 2015 he co-authored Meet the Hybrids with Barbara Lamb, a study of the lives of eight ET-human hybrids living on Earth. In 2016 he published We Are the Disclosure, a two-part work exploring the development of the UFO/ET field over the last 70 years, through interviews with 27 people who have experienced and contributed to it in various ways. In 2017 the final part Miguel published Being with the Beings, the final part of his ET-human interaction trilogy. The project was initiated through a telepathic download, which specified that it should feature interviews with people who have had long, ongoing contact with the beings, and that the last question should be: What message would they like to share? Several beings were interviewed directly through the channels in the book, taking this series to its logical conclusion.