Being with the Beings and Make/Manifest – out now in audiobook

As of this week, two more of my books have been published as audiobooks: Being with the Beings – The How and the Why of ET Contact, and Make/Manifest – A Life in Art and Craft.

Being with the Beings is produced by Sean McElhiney, a California-based producer with over 25 years experience in radio broadcasting as a news announcer, talk show host, and jock. He currently hosts the interview podcast Writing Itself.

He has a warm and relaxing voice, which is perfect for such a complex and challenging subject. He brings the interviews to life wonderfully and I knew immediately that he was the right person for this project. I am very grateful to him for bringing his professionalism and talent to this work. It is so enjoyable to sit back and listen to the stories unfold.

Make/Manifest is produced by Gabrielle Puyat, AKA Gnoia, a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. She was another huge get for my audiobook projects. As an artist herself, she is tuned into the material and brings enthusiasm and insight to her read. And as a singer her voice is fabulously alive as she brings the interviews to listeners.

I recommend her music to anyone who likes their music both chill and deep.

New book: Make/Manifest – A Life in Art and Craft

I am delighted to share with you that my new book has just been published, titled: Make/Manifest – A Life in Art and Craft.

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Make/Manifest: A Life in Art and Craft is an exploration of the challenges and rewards of living a creative life. Twenty-three award-winning artists and creators share the insights they have gained through long-term relationships with their craft, discussing their medium, their relationship with their audience, and their approaches to creative and professional sustainability. These unique profiles offer the reader inspiration and illumination that will help them reflect on, deepen and refresh their craft.

It features interviews with artists working in fine arts, street art, devotional art, collective art, performance art and more. The contributors are: Kari Barba, Formica Coriandolo, Mike Hall, David Hurn, Corin Johnson, Claudia Kappenberg, Muazzam Ali Khan, Reuben Langdon, Peter Lord, Rama Mani, Miguel Mendonça, Maggie Murphy, Charlotte Mary Pack, Lee Pepper, Lady Pink, Stan Prokopenko, Herman Rarebell, Red Means Recording, Josh Scott, Matthew Shewchuk, Dave Smith, Kazuaki Tanahashi and Eda Elif Tibet. The foreword is by actress and activist Chipo Chung.

It has been an absolute joy to put together. These highly successful artists and makers have all overcome a lifetime of challenges to produce work that has been seen, heard, felt and enjoyed by millions of people around the world. These interviews will be inspiring and supportive to creatives of any level. Readers can learn lessons from those within and outside their medium, and return to them time and time again.

I have written a brief introduction to the book on my site, setting out the birth and development of the idea, and sharing more information on the contributors.

The book is available worldwide through Amazon.

Meet the Hybrids: Japanese and French editions out now!

The Tokyo-based publisher Natural Spirit Co. has just published the Japanese language edition of Meet the Hybrids. We are grateful to them for helping to share this book with more of the world’s readers.

Barbara and I would also like to thank Nami Horiike at the English Agency (Japan) Ltd., and Haruko Furukawa for their translation.

The book is available from a number of booksellers:

Amazon Japan

Natural Spirit’s website


Seven net shopping

Rakuten Books

Kinokuniya Bookweb

TSUTAYA online


honya club


The French language edition has been published by our Montreal-based partners, Ariane Editions. You can buy the book from their site, or Amazon. We would like to thank Marc Vallée for his work in bringing the book to French-speaking readers.

Wisdom: Now and Always – Out Now!

At the age of seven I was told the story of the wisdom of King Solomon, and how he identified the true mother of a baby, when two women had both claimed to be such. He said he would solve their problem by cutting the baby in two and giving them half each, at which point one of the women fell to her knees and begged him to give the child to the other woman. In one simple, insightful statement, he navigated to the love and protective instinct of motherhood. On hearing this, I felt an immediate explosion of light around my head – true illumination. And I understood that wisdom is a most previous and powerful resource for solving problems and improving our lives. But, over the course of the next four decades, I have seen too little wisdom in the cultures I have had access to. And now more than ever, it is vital that we value and develop it.

In this extraordinary year of 2020, so many crises of our own making are coming to a head. Adding to the mounting climate emergency, we have a pandemic, boiling racial tensions, and the beginning of the greatest depression the world has ever seen. We could add many other problems to the list, but this is more than enough to deal with. My response has been to assemble a group of extraordinary people to help me navigate to the heart of wisdom, and put together a book which can help anyone identify and cultivate their own wisdom. It is a simple truth that the more of us who do this, the better our lives will be.

I say this with all confidence, because wisdom, in this study, is not seen as simply a way to enrich ourselves, or to outdo others. It is not a matter of being smarter than others, or older. It is about living with an open heart and mind, and cultivating a way of being which is fundamentally benevolent. The image I chose for the cover is a photo I took while on a horse riding trip in Mongolia. It speaks to me of the heart of wisdom. It is open, kind, noble and genuine. Her energy was warm and welcoming, and her life was lived within the rhythms of her world. For centuries their way of life on the steppe has endured, because it works with nature, not against it. The background is a photo of the front of one of their cupboards. It is simple artwork, yet it conveys to me both solidity and fluidity, form and formlessness, masculine and feminine. It has a balance of these qualities and holds that energy in a way that brings me back to it over and over again.

This book may well be the most personally meaningful I ever produce, as it goes back to a formative experience, and one of the first moments I felt like I understood the nature and purpose of existence. Setting up the project was both a challenge and a pleasure. My background in sustainability gave me access to the kinds of people who demonstrate great wisdom in their work. And through friendships and inspired enquiries, I found my way to many other people who I felt could add important dimensions to the study. The questions were designed to help us define wisdom through personal experience, understand how it can be developed, and tune into its multidimensional benefits.

The 25 contributors are: Failautusi Avegalio Jr., Isabelle Axelsson, David Bailey, Lyn Buchanan, Rachel Corby, Jane Davidson, David Eby, Michel Ferrari, Herbert Girardet, Randy Hayes, David Krieger, Satish Kumar, Kim Langbecker, Reuben Langdon, Frances Moore Lappe, Francesc Miralles, Juan Pablo Orrego, Tiffany Patterson, Elisabet Sahtouris, Mollie Semple, Vandana Shiva, Sulak Sivaraksa, Wendy Stephenson, Julie Taylor and Mike Wallis. They have more than 1,500 years of collective life experience, across three generations. They represent a wide range of professional backgrounds, including education, governance, the military, science, industry, the arts, journalism, activism and nonprofit, religion and spirituality. Between them they have traveled to most of the countries of the world. They come from 11 nations, on five continents, and speak at least 10 languages. They have produced around 200 books, which have sold millions of copies. Their careers have benefited countless people. I feel incredibly grateful to have brought them together for this project, and it has been a hugely life-affirming experience. I believe we have collectively moved toward a solid sense of wisdom, and its shared benefit, now and always. My greatest wish is that this book will help the reader recognize, cultivate and share their own wisdom.

Wisdom: Now and Always is available in paperback, kindle and audiobook worldwide through Amazon, and will soon be available through many other national booksellers. You can order through Amazon US here. It is also available on iTunes.