We Are the Disclosure – Part 1 now available

watd-1-front-coverPart 1 of the two-part work We Are the Disclosure is now available on Amazon. It is a work of vast scope, and is a response to a number of conclusions drawn from a transformative year of research and experience.

Primarily, it was inspired by Meet the Hybrids, a book we published in 2015. Working with Barbara Lamb and eight ET-human hybrids, it became clear that we now have far more information and experience available to us regarding the extraterrestrial subject than the field is in general recognizing.

Secondly, I could see that a spectrum of interest, or division of labor, exists in the field. In broad strokes, this runs from the ‘masculine’, typified by a focus on the technological, political and physical aspects, to the ‘feminine’, typified by a focus on the metaphysical, spiritual and wellbeing aspects.

Third, the language we use to discuss these matters is challenged, to say the least, by the larger realities that the hybrids, channels and other experiences are bringing through.

Fourth, the people doing this work are taking significant risks in publicly pursuing this with such determination. I wanted to know what drives them, what they’ve learned, what the implications are, and how we can better inform the rest of society about them.

Fifth, the hybrids gave me a far more spiritual interpretation of this subject. They have all been transformed by it, and live from the heart, in service to others. Working with them triggered a personal awakening that I feel goes to the core of this subject. The nature of existence, in a spiritual and multidimensional sense, may be the most important aspect of the entire subject. And I sensed that it is being under-represented in the field, which in various ways is still biased towards the masculine end of the spectrum.

Sixth, the top-down Disclosure that so many seek appears to me a fallacy. Only a fool asks a liar for the truth. The only understanding of this subject that can be shared with integrity is personal understanding. Institutional spin from governmental, military or religious sources will only tell us about their agendas, not about the issue itself. When discussing this, Barbara Lamb often states “At this time, we are the Disclosure.”

Seventh, the ETs seem to be the drivers of Disclosure, through human and hybrid agents.

As a ‘big picture’ type, I wanted to bring this all together through discussions with people who embody many of these facets. The growth of the field, and our comprehension and descriptions of it, had yet to be laid out in this comprehensive and personal way. It has been a privilege to work with so many dedicated, courageous and inspirational people, and have them tell their stories and share their opinions.

Their accounts truly capture the spirit of the title: We Are the Disclosure. We, the people exploring these realms and sharing our findings, are supporting humanity in moving from an Earthbound consciousness to an unbounded consciousness. The implications for human society, in an era of relentless ideological destruction of each other and the living world on which we depend, are profound. And it seems that the increasing interaction between humans and non-human intelligences at this critical time is no coincidence. The path humans choose in the next two decades will determine the fate of life on Earth for millennia.

Each of the two parts of the book features interviews with 14 individuals who are contributing in a variety of ways to this unfolding process of experience and understanding.

Part 1 hears from: Alexis Brooks, Lyn Buchanan, Michael Cremo, Klaus Dona, Stanton Friedman, Robert Fullington, Marilyn Gewacke, Rey Hernandez, Gary Heseltine, C. B. Scott Jones, Jujuolui Kuita, Barbara Lamb, Vanessa Lamorte and Joanne Summerscales.

This book provides strong evidence that Disclosure may prove to be the most important topic of our time, and that it is being driven in large part by the ETs themselves.